Sleeping People – Homage To Sleeping People

by admin on January 21, 2011

Welcome to  This is our homage and tribute to Sleeping People.  Sleeping People, based in San Diego, formed in 2002 when Joileah Maddock, Kasey Boekholt (both at guitar) and drummer Brandon Relf initially got together with their unique blend of rhythmic instrumental rock.

They began performing as a trio before adding bassist Kenseth Thibadeau in 2003.  Their album debut, Sleeping People, was released in August of 2005 by Temporary Residence records.

Shortly after the Sleeping People was put together, Joileah Maddock left the band and her friend, Amber Coffman became her replacement at guitar.  This lasted until early 2007 when Joileah returned to the band. Their Growing album was released in October of 2007.

Sleeping PeopleSleeping People

Blue Fly Green Fly
Nasty Portion
Fripp for Girls
Technically, You Puked on the Couch
Johny Depp

Centipede’s Dream
James Spader
Yellow Guy/Pink Eye
Mouth Breeder
… Out Dreams
Three Things
Grow Worm
It’s Heart Loves Open
People Staying Awake

Sleeping People – Live at The Casbah

Nasty Portion
Blue Fly Green Fly
Technically, You Puked on the Couch
Steady Diet of Nachos